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August 09, 2008



This analysis is spot-on in some places, filled with the usual bromides in most. Look, the U.S. has been pursuing diplomacy since 2004, at least. That's what Rice has been doing. The U.S. has been far less belligerent than has been suggested. Sadly, most Democrats refuse to see that, say, the Iranians are in an expansionist mode and China is entering its Wilhelmine period.

Further, the intelligence agencies are not only too big, they are, by and large, incompetent. 9/11 proved that. One of the sad legacies of the rather overdone and useless 9/11 Commission was to propose beureaucratic, 1930's solutions (such as layered intelligence services as you identified) to fight 5th Generation warfare. It was exactly the wrong answer.

Gates has done some good things. However, stopping the production lines on the F-22 and F-35 are going to prove to be woefully shortsighted while China expands its air force and Russia rearms.

Jim Freeman

It's a relief to know that I didn't fail to hit the usual bromides. I'm comforted to know that we have been using diplomacy 'at least since 2004.'

Warm up the last of those F-16s, before we miss the opportunity for another arms race.

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