February 16, 2008



Being your typical conservative that sits back and drinks his Chivas and water ... and then chews the ice until another glass magically appears... and your typical conservative that in the last four years combined has made less than someone getting min Unemployment for 3 months has... I can say that you pretty much missed the boat here.

Do you honestly expect any business that wants to stay in business to offer loans to people that have very little money at decent interest rates?

Its called risk. They know that are going to get a bunch of defaults and there is nothing they can do about it. The company selling the computers knows that a good chunk of the computers they send out they will only get the initial payment on and nothing else - and have no real recourse to recoup the loss. That means that the others in that group that actually do make all their payments are going to have to pay for the others that do not.

The benefit for those that do make all their payments in that group is that its one small step towards leaving that group and its interest rates.

Oh ... and I love "and somehow they all missed out on college, reinforcing the cycle of poverty"

Sucks to be them. They reinforced the cycle on themselves. Anybody in this country can get the loans (at very good rates, low pressure to pay them back any time soon) to go college. They didnt - to bad - their problem.

Throw in the simple fact that even if someone walks up and offers to let you use their 2008 Vette, you just have to pay for insurance, maintenance, and gas - and you do not make much money... you can not afford to accept the offer because you can not afford the insurance, let alone maintain it.

No difference when it comes to kids. If you can afford to maintain them - buy a condom - much cheaper investement... or just keep it in the pants... even cheaper.

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