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January 21, 2008


Terry Vogel

The decline in American industry is not only on the shoulders of CEOs and Wall Street but on the backs of our goverment.
While companys are lured to move overseas by large incentives given by foreign goverments, our goverment does nothing. While foreign countries provide funding for students to go to US schools our goverment allows rapid increasing tuition to dash the hopes of US students of ever going to college. India has invested hugh sums in educating their people and now they have more Doctorate degreed people per capita then any country. High tech industry is forced to look at India for the brain power to keep ahead. The use of foreign brain power is also growing the knowledge base overseas while shrinking the knowledge base in the US. It is no longer just cheap manual labor abroad but the leading edge creativity.
This is a rapid spiral downwards, as US households lose more and more income they can not afford to educate the next generation.
I am not talking about isolationism but just level the playing field. Congress needs to quit worrying about the other party or lobbyist and start representing the people who pay their salaries.

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