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January 25, 2007


Dan Schneider

I think that people with doomsday beliefs should automatically be excluded from public discourse on topics such as global warming. If Frosty wants to die then he should be allowed (maybe even encouraged) but in turn he should leave the rest of us free to try to save ourselves and our children.

Bill Carlisle

I have three questions:
1. How does one extrapolate one century of data into a model that will predict the next hundred years of what could be a 26 thousand year cycle without personal prejudice entering into the equation?
2. Why can the board not take into consideration NASA data that indicate a similar warming trend on Mars?
3. If our schools do not have time to teach basic math skills and their practical applications [such as balancing a bank account], why do they have time to teach debatable theories such as these? Ten years from now, these kids will have no idea why they just got busted for half a week's pay in overdraft charges, but they will know who Al Gore was. We in Nahsville know all too well.

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